Terms and Conditions

1 – Purpose of the service
VetCoachLive informs the user accessing the website www.vetcoachlive.in on the health and well-being of their pet in answer to a problem described by the owner of the animal. The advice provided is intended to provide information for documentary and educational purposes only. VetCoachLive is not a substitute for clinical veterinary care.

2 – Responsibility – limits
The information provided is purely informative and depends on the information provided initially by the user. The customer is solely responsible for questions he/she answers and the use made of the provided information. VetCoachLive is not a substitute for veterinary care. VetCoachLive cannot supply information about emergency care. If your pet needs immediate medical attention, you will need to contact a local veterinarian or local emergency animal hospital. By using the Service, you clearly understand that there are risks and limitations associated with VetCoachLive services. If, however, the responsibility of VetCoachLive is incurred due to the inaccuracy of information, the financial consequences would be limited to the reimbursement of the initial paid cost for the service. If, for any reason, VetCoachLive is not able to provide an answer and, especially, if it transpires that the issue is the nature of a consultation, then the price of the service would be refunded to the customer.

3 – Payment
Payment is made by secure electronic payment system.

4 – Intellectual Property
The elements of the site, the content and the answers are protected and may not be reproduced partly or fully without the agreement of VetCoachLive.

5 – Privacy policy
Personal data collected on the site are protected. We will never sell it but it can be seen by third parties to serve you, such as veterinarians, or technical contractors repairing and maintaining the technology infrastructure. The user has a right of access, modification, and deletion of his/her personal data. To do so, the user must send a request to the following email address:info@vetcoachlive.in