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Understanding the Estrus Cycle or Heat in Dogs

Estrus or heat in dogs is a physiological event that occurs naturally after the attainment of puberty. an estrus female becomes reproductively receptive to male dogs during heat period. An average true heat period lasts for 3 weeks if mating happens the female becomes pregnant. On average, female dogs that haven’t been spayed will go into heat twice a year.

Can online veterinary consultation be a substitute for real time vet consultations?

VetCoachLive is an online veterinary consultation site active since 2018 serving more than 4000 happy pet parents reaching out to them from any corner of the world. Pioneer in the field of e- veterinary consultation, VetCoachLive not only solves pet health issues but also generate awareness in the filed of the growing popularity of e-pet health care.

Vomiting in Dogs- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

VetCoachLive, India’s No1 online veterinary consultation site discusses vomiting in dogs. Vomiting in dogs may occur due to many internal or external etiology. Frequent vomiting may lead to severe dehydration and shock.

New Born Puppy Care – Feeding, Vaccines and More

If a puppy is orphaned or separated from his mother and you are taking care of the newborn puppy, here is what you need to do. Answering some of the most common questions about orphaned puppy care. India’s largest online resource on pet and animal healthcare provides the solution to every questions of loving pet patents all in just one click.

How to treat Pervo in Dogs – Pet Parents Prospective

Take action as a responsible Pet Parent when your loved one is suffering from one of the most common dreaded diseases. VetCoachLive Dr. Pallabi Bhagawati consults online to offer home remedies and know-how for pet parents.

Benefits of online veterinary health care consultation and why you should go for it

As the digital market expands, consumers increasingly turn to technology to manage pet health. To meet this growing demand we enable our veterinarians to consult with clients via webcam, similar to a Skype chat or other VOIP system.

Three things to consider before adopting your pet from a online adoption center

Adopting a pet does more than saving an animal’s life— it’s also good for your health! Pets can actually help you reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, lower your blood…

Consult a veterinarian online for better pet care solution

A dog is men’s best friend. It’s our duty to take care of them when the time is crucial for them. They can’t express any word to us but our…