Benefits of online veterinary health care consultation and why you should go for it

As the digital market expands, consumers increasingly turn to technology to manage pet health. To meet this growing demand we enable our veterinarians to consult with clients via webcam, similar to a Skype chat or other VOIP system.

An audio/video interaction between the client and the expat veterinarian helps the pet parent to have a better understanding of their pet’s issue in a much comfortable environment. In my 10 years long carrier in the field of Veterinary medicine, I have come across many critical and general healthcare cases in the clinics. At the clinics, every measure is taken what could be the best for the patients. However there are some cases in which my clients want some more attention from my end to help them further to manage their pets post-surgery or some added attention to their nutrition and behavior. I found out that those who come from afar distance to a clinic for a physical health care intervention in their pets want to have further follow-ups from the attending vets but due to distance, time and finance involved in the process, further, follow-ups are not entertained. Not only this, there are many other concerns I could recognize during the process.

Benefits of online veterinary consultation

  • Consult via webcam from home, work or while on vacation
  • Peace of mind on a range of issues
  • Convenient mobile app to help manage pet health
  • Messaging feature
  • Potential to reduce pet healthcare costs and avoid duplicate testing
  • Therapeutic education such as podcasts, blogs, and emails provided by Activ4Pets
  • An online community of pet lovers to interact with
    As a busy pet parent one can easily get access to a veterinarian from the comfort of home or wherever they are. Online veterinary health care solutions have recently made the life of digital-savvy pet parents really easy.

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