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Vet Coach Live is India’s first ever Online Veterinary Health Care Consultation Service launched in February 2018.Experienced veterinarians designed Vet Coach Live to provide immediate, personalized and expert answers to your concerns.

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Dr Pallabi Bhagawati Founder

VetCoachLive Veterinarian, Philanthropist, Columnist

VetCoachLive is the brainchild of Dr. Pallabi Bhagawati who hail from a small village of Assam namely Nalbari. Raised in a village rich in natural flora and fauna, she never missed an opportunity to be with nature. In her past time she loves to set out for a long drive and enjoy photography. She is a traveler and an avid animal lover.

After completion of her BVSc & AH degree from Assam Agricultural University, Dr. Pallabi joined as Assistant Veterinary Surgeon with IFAW-WTI. And later she had worked with World Animal Protection, Agriculture Technology Management Agency and the prestigious Tata Trust of India. Know More

Client Testimonials

I had a great experience with VetCoachLive. I had some concerns regarding my puppy’s nutrition and my queries were answered. The veterinarian was also very patient and answered some other questions of mine apart from the main query. It’s a good platform to get a second opinion if you are concerned about your dog’s general health and well-being.
By Natasha from Kolkata, WB

I had a query regarding my cat’s skin care. And the response was awesome and beyond my expectations. I was generally not very sure about the online consultation but the prompt response and assured results broke the myth. This is my third online consultation. Thank you Dr. Pallabi.
By Ashwin from Hyderabad, Telangana

A brand new window has opened from pet parents like me. For a busy pet parent, a quick online consultation on pet’s general health care, nutrition and behavior issues, VetCoachLive is the one-stop solution.
By Amar from Gorakhpur, UP

Thank you very much for helping me to understand the health problems in my love birds and offering solutions and advice in maintaining their health.
By Shamshir from Gujrat, Ahmedabad

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Estrus or heat in dogs is a physiological event that occurs naturally after the attainment of puberty. an estrus female becomes reproductively receptive to male dogs during heat period. An average true heat period lasts for 3 weeks if mating happens the female becomes pregnant. On average, female dogs that haven’t been spayed will go into heat twice a year.

Can online veterinary consultation be a substitute for real time vet consultations?

VetCoachLive is an online veterinary consultation site active since 2018 serving more than 4000 happy pet parents reaching out to them from any corner of the world. Pioneer in the field of e- veterinary consultation, VetCoachLive not only solves pet health issues but also generate awareness in the filed of the growing popularity of e-pet health care.

Vomiting in Dogs- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

VetCoachLive, India’s No1 online veterinary consultation site discusses vomiting in dogs. Vomiting in dogs may occur due to many internal or external etiology. Frequent vomiting may lead to severe dehydration and shock.